DM for Change is a marketing consultancy that provides digital solutions, training, and expert execution. Like most marketing agencies, we improve the brand visibility of our clients. Unlike most, we specialize in organizations whose work makes the world a healthier place. Our specialty is Search Engine Optimization, but our expertise includes: 

  • Tracking & reporting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 
  • Email marketing automation 
  • Google Ads grant management   
  • Social media marketing & digital PR
  • Web optimization for Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress sites

We are committed to working alongside organizations in education, health & wellness, and advocacy. Through collaboration, we improve our clients’ online presence to advance their mission and maximize their impact.


Ashley Kochans

Ashley Kochans is a digital marketer, yoga instructor, and entrepreneur. Both in yoga and Search Engine Optimization, she hopes to explain complicated things accessibly and authentically, so that her whole audience is along for the ride. When she's not maximizing organic traffic, she's cooking organic meals or traveling.


  • Business As Unusual
  • Wisdom for Nonprofits
Business As Unusual
Wisdom for Nonprofits


DM For Change is a collaborative of digital marketing experts, starting with Kochans Consulting. Our additional collaborators own and operate their own consultancies in the following areas:

Christopher Hernadez

Web Design

Christopher creates digital foundations for small-to-medium sized businesses by building custom, responsive websites. Work with his company, Spider Lunch, by scheduling a strategy meeting about your business's goals. His site designs are built from the ground up for your needs specifically.

Feberline Pajara

Graphic Design

Feberline's friends call her "Fheb." A technical virtual assistant by trade, Fheb can do web design, social media graphics, Google web stories and all things Canva. As a person, she is driven, organized and loves connecting with people to help them grow their business.

Alex Wilczewski

Software Development

Alex is a full-stack developer with an array of soft skills and notes of DevOps capabilities. Having worked among startups, Alex can ramp up projects quickly. After working in enterprise, he is capable of leadership, task breakdown, and designing software to scale and last.

Borys Gorokh

Automation & Integrations

Every company has a lot of repetitive work. That's where Borys comes in. His automations cut time, save costs and clear up more resources to start growing your business. He's an expert in ActiveCampaign, Zapier and Integromat.

Sarah Bommer

Digital Marketing

Sarah is a writer and designer with a love for problem solving. Her previous work as a communications specialist at an education non-profit, as well as her year of service through AmeriCorps VISTA, ignited her passion for mission-driven digital marketing.

Rachael Kraft

Customer Experience

Rachael is a customer experience expert with over 9 years of experience working in Tech and SaaS industries. With a Masters in I/O Psychology, she specializes in all things customer experience, data analysis, and digital marketing.

Carla Astudillo

Search Engine Optimization

Carla has been in SEO since 2012.  Offering an array of skills in digital outreach, link building, search engine optimization, and analytics, Carla enjoys working with clients in all industries.

Sydney Coffey

Data & Analytics

Sydney is a skilled data analyst with a knack for transforming raw data into actionable insights. With a strong background in data analytics, including ETL, data mining, and data manipulation, Sydney excels at cleaning and manipulating data to extract valuable information for clients.

Ritesh Verma

Customer Experience

Ritesh Verma is a certified accountant with more than 7 years of experience in Bookkeeping and Taxation. Ritesh also has experience analyzing data to make recommendations on financial and organizational strategies.

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