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An SEO Audit is the first step to a successful marketing campaign. Whether you’re testing demand for a new service, developing a content strategy for your website, or identifying areas of opportunity for your marketing tam, it all starts with an understanding of what users search for.

An SEO audit identifies technical site issues, summarizes your competitors’ SEO performance, tracks your backlink profile, and compiles a list of target keywords. Use the data inside an SEO Audit to outline content opportunities and create benchmarks for online growth.

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The data inside an audit helps you understand your online presence in three reports: Technical Audit, Competitive Analysis, and Keyword Research.

Technical Audit
Core Web Vitals test
Pages with incomplete metadata
List of orphan links
List of site errors
Competitive Analysis
Performance of top competitors
Analysis of your site's place in the market
List of competitors’ keywords
Keyword Research
List of current top keywords
List of your ideal target keywords
Current backlink profile and tips to get more links

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