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marketing funnel by keywords
How to Create A Keyword Strategy

Ashley Kochans

Creating a keyword strategy requires a solid understanding of a classic marketing funnel. Once you understand how your customers find you, then you can pick the best search terms for each stage of the funnel.

keyword target in google laptop
How to Pick a Target Keyword

Ashley Kochans

The first thing you should do with every webpage is pick a target keyword. Once you've defined your target keyword, make sure it's in the URL, headers, meta description, etc. But how do you find your target keyword?

Squarespace SEO

Zack Reboletti

For any consultants or agencies hesitant to take on a Squarespace client, fear not! Squarespace is easy to use. There is a relatively smooth process for optimizing their websites, but here are the tips you need to know.

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