Digital Marketing for Change amplifies the work of mission-driven organizations in the health & wellness and education sectors. The founder, Ashley Kochans, is devoted to the marketing success of non-profits, social enterprises, and small businesses. If you'd like to learn more about our work, scroll through client success stories or click the icons below for a full portfolio.

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Empowering Education

The Client

Empowering Education offers a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum to teachers, counselors, and parents. The series of 30 trauma-informed lessons incorporate mindfulness into traditional coursework.

DM For Change designed and executed a digital strategy for Empowering Education that included SEO, email activation, and content creation for web and social.

The Results

Since working with DM For Change, the organic traffic to has increased by 174%, while the bounce rate for all site users decreased by 13%. In addition, the number of free trial sign-ups increased by 85% over a three month period.

Your Lessons Now

The Client

Your Lessons Now offers transgender voice training for the trans community and music lessons for the general public. Their online coaching is available for cisgender, FTM, MTF, and non-binary folks.

To maximize the brand’s visibility, DM for Change created a customized strategy that spoke directly to Your Lesson Now's target audience.

The Results

After completing the SEO recommendations, Your Lesson's organic traffic grew by 155%, while the average bounce rate decreased by 16%. In three months, the number of ranking keywords increased from just under 100 to 500, including 40 keywords ranked in the top 3 positions on Google.


The Client

CANDLE, Inc.’s work prevents teen drug use before it starts. Their interactive experience, Reality Tour, teaches communities drug-free coping skills. 

DM For Change was hired to create and optimize content during CANDLE’s website overhaul.

The Results

Following the website refresh, the pages that DM For Change published brought in over 71% of the site’s new traffic. Additionally, the average time on page increased by 14%, while the exit rate decreased by 38%.

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What clients say...

noah head shot executive director of empowering education

"Ashley was a pleasure to work with. She brought a lot of fresh ideas to our team and a wide range of knowledge about digital marketing. We now have a solid start for content marketing - with a content calendar, templates, and a strategy. She trained up someone on our team to take over the work. She also was able to help with an improved Amazon listing and SEM. She's fun to work with and professional."

Noah Teitelbaum


"Working with Ashley has been great. She is honest, straightforward, and very efficient with solving even the most difficult problems. She has a great talent for demystifying concepts that can otherwise seem intimidating or out of reach. Best of all, Ashley doesn't just do the work for you - she teaches you how to become self-sufficient. As a director that likes my team members to be as self-sufficient as possible, I find this approach extremely valuable."

Anna Lantry


“It was a stroke of luck that I connected with Ashley. I needed to get the task of creating blogs off my plate and into the hands of a pro. I couldn't be more pleased! She did the research on the topic as well as on our nonprofit to provide a well written blog complete with SEO - keywords, CTA, and a ready to post format. How fortunate that I was able to connect with the perfect professional on the first try"

Norma Norris



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